Marlians come forward!!!

So in my office today, me and my colleagues were vibing to Naira Marley’s songs and i can’t help but noticed how they are miming and singing along to different tracks.
I personally can sing “Mafo” from the beginning to the end even if you put a gun to head to safe myself, i will deliver like our president Naira Marley.
I know many Marlians will say they can recite all the songs by Naira Marley but we all know that’s a lie, you are still going to forget some part in a particular song.
All thanks to Naira Marley because he has blessed us with many hit songs to pick our different favorite.
So Marlians👇

You Are Offered ₦10 Million To Sing Any Naira Marley’s Song Without Mistake – Which Song Will You Pick?

Lets hear from you.
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